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In the last few days I have started conversations with two women...

Her profile was mostly empty save for a "if you wana know ask me" which is always annoying to start with. But I was in a mood...

Me:What should I be asking?

Her:Whatever you want there is some sort of curosity there or you wouldn't have opened the profile and messaged me

Me:*buzz* wrong answer.
You have failed to show why you are a unique and interesting flower.

Her: Oh darn there goes my weekend

Me: See the horrible things that happen when you let strangers on the internet drive the conversation? =) see you could have said "ask me about my New Kids on the Block collection" and gotten a better response!

For the record Mark W. was always my fave

Her:I have a hillary duff collection. I got rid of the nkob collection years ago it might have to comeback since they put out a new album

Me: See now that is funny.
How is this short week shaping up?

Her: the truth is funny? meh it's another day another dollar work work work

See the sad part is that is not the winner of the week.

...short conversation about Secretary...
Me: Nice. I actually don't. Need to fix that. Love friends reactions when they see it for the first time.
How is this short week treating you?

Her:If your friends are that close minded....Consider getting new friends lol

Pretty marginally. yourself?

Me: Trust me when I say my friends are very open minded. It is more the look of "yum"

Week is moving along OK. Lots of plans which is a nice continuation of the week but also have a day or two booked out for myself. Looking forward to seeing "9" at some point in the coming days.

Just introduced a friend to Princes Chicken, he now both loves and hates me.
What is making it marginal? Anything to look forward to?

Her: Nah not really.. I am fairly boring.

Me: wow. so life is just a string of same days punctuated by bouts of pain and darkness?

Her: please do melodramatic.

I am just biding my time until I can get out of here..

For now the glass is half empty.....

So you see the fun and adventure that awaits you in the world of online dating??


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