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A tail of kitty mind control and cuteness follows.....

In July Sara moved in. YAY. With her she brought Trogdor, the burninator.

here he is when he was just a little cat many years ago.
Because I am allergic to cats he lived out doors. Trogdor has a pimp walk thanks to loosing some muscle do to diabetes. He seemed to be doing just fine as an outdoor cat, his legs seemed to be getting stronger thanks to running the back stairs and just running around. Life was good. He is a cat who likes boys so it was a riot to watch him work the guys laps at parties.

Then comes Thanksgiving. We had to leave town for a few days and one of our friends was stopping by a few times to check on him. He went MIA. Our friends to their credit searched hard for him. No dice. Just gone. We were very sad. However when the world started back up on Monday I called every vet in a radius around the house just in case. Then Tuesday happened.

As I was driving back from lunch I got the call. He was at a vet just around the corner! I rush over. Turns out my next door neighbor, even having seen him on our deck, had conversations with Sara about him had taken him in and hadn't realized he was ours. They watched us and our friends searching for him and hadn't thought "maybe this is their cat." Yes we were and still are pissed as all out at them.

After 5 days of eating as much crap as he wanted, and he is a chow hound, he was near dead. Lucky for us the vet plus some TLC brought him back. In the months that have followed his health has been up and down, the last big bump from him feeling better was that the Thanksgiving incident had caused his mouth to rot so just as he was on the mend, once he was well enough we had to have his teeth cleaned. So right now he seems better but we fear the worst. That coupled with Sara thought he was about 6 but our vet seems to think he is about 12.... time will tell.

So after all that, there was no way we were going to be having him outdoors. So now my house has an indoor cat.

Reunion shot!

Sara and I had taken to as part of our date nights going to Pet Smart and playing with the kitties there. One fine young kitty really charmed me and one day in mid December I gave in to what my heart was telling me and we arranged to adopt him. See he only has one eye and had been in fostering for a long time. Meet Sherman:

He is a great cat. Loves to be on my lap or curled up with me. He has a mighty purr and a lot of love and energy. He really is a 1 in 1,000,000 cat, and I know that all other cats in my life will be held up to his measure and found wanting.

In March we found another little guy who needed to be part of our family. After nearly a year in foster care this guy had so much love and cuddles to give. He is a bit skittish and it turns out Sherman is a bit of a bully, but this guy loves to head butt you and is 100% window cat at heart. He came with the name Rosco but we more often then not call him Roscolux (theater geek, what can I say). Sadly most of his face first shots make him look evil, he has scars on his face and a split ear.... he rocks

A cute one of him:

Sherman and Roscoe:

Sherman and Trogs:

I must say that the house is very different with the cats around. There are upsides and downsides but man they make us happy. =)
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