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Blech. Of all the things I love about owning my home landscaping just isn't something I can get excited about, but I do need to start getting this place in shape so that everything can start to fill in and grow.

Got someone coming this weekend to start cleaning up some stuff.

Picked up a few links from friends and thought I'd put them here for myself and others.
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For all the Zombie lovers on my list Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I am not kidding.
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WHEREAS, the Feast of St. Valentine has repeatedly proven offensive or inconvenient to the majority of the American People;

WHEREAS, the Feast of St. Valentine has been demonstrably debased by unseemly commercialism and rapacious greed;

WHEREAS, all attempts to celebrate the Feast of St. Valentine in the common way debase the true arts of love;

WHEREAS, the above factors in combination have continued to cause strife, discomfort and misery in the Greater Portion of the American People;

WHEREAS, the activities surrounding the Feast of St. Valentine debase and shame the American People;

AND WHEREAS, a more appropriate and honorable claim to that day exists;

NOW, THEREFORE, we decree that the celebration of the Feast of St. Valentine be hereby ABOLISHED;

AND WE FURTHER ORDER that the Fourteenth Day of February each year be rededicated to the celebration of the birth of Joshua, Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, who, by the grace of God, ruled his people wisely and well for more than twenty years.

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Even funnier with Katie here...

And in other news... Donkey Punch is not a porn movie but rather a horror movie Someone has a great sense of humor...
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A friend needs a new, fairly serious web host Send him thoughts and or suggestions...

From a chat this morning: "We need a word for people who friend you on face book... who remember you but you have no fucking clue about them"
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OK as I just satiated a strange desier to listen to "It takes 2" by Rob Base I thought I'd ask:

What was/are some of your favorite middle school / high school dance songs?

Open ended here BUT you can not say Stairway... pretend we are in the guitar shop in Wayne's World

Some off the cuff from me:
"Mony Mony"
"Livin' on a Prayer" - this is sad onto its self but the fact that there are a few others on Slippery When Wet is sad
"Day the Music Died"
"Love Shack"
"Push it"

I'm sure there is more but if I think about this too much I might break out.
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The lunatic is on the grass
The lunatic is on the grass
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
Got to keep the loonies on the path

The lunatic is in the hall
The lunatics are in my hall
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forbodings too
Ill see you on the dark side of the moon

The lunatic is in my head
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me till Im sane
You lock the door
And throw away the key
Theres someone in my head but its not me.

And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear
And if the band youre in starts playing different tunes
Ill see you on the dark side of the moon
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Ahpook-is-here just schooled me He pointed out the movie mem of yesterday was total trash. He is of course right. For the AFI list I get 46 out of 100... This might cause me to start netflix back up.

Light box?

Jan. 15th, 2009 07:45 am
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I'm looking around for a light box because me and many of my friends get really knocked out by winter. And most of them are fucking expensive. So a general call out to my f-list.
1) Do you use one and find it helpful
2) What kind do you have and like


Jan. 7th, 2009 08:57 am
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OK I just found a quote I didn't expect to find on line... from Jack LaLanne of all people:

"Now a lot of people say, "Oh, I don't have the time." Or, "Oh, but I don't like it, Jack." But you know, I try to get to the gym by five in the morning, and I work out for two hours. To leave a hot bed and a hot woman to go to a cold gym—now that's dedication! And I've never heard this once—knock, knock, knock on the window in my gym: "Jack, this is Jesus, I'll work out for you today!""

More interesting stuff from him: HERE

ohh more words that I love from him:

"The average person who is 70 or 80 is over the hill... They're fat, they're racked with aches and pains. Then you get people over 90 who are running marathons, because they worked at living. I have a lot of energy and you know why? Because I use it. It's use it or lose it, and it's believing in something. Most people just go through life existing, waiting for retirement. That's the death knell."

"If you can't afford a half hour three or four times a week taking care of the most priceless possession, your body, you've got to be sick. You're stupid."

"It's a pain in the backside. I hate to work out. I hate it but I like the results."

"Sitting around on your big fat gluteus maximus talking about the good old days. The good old days are right this second. You've got to exercise VIG-OR-OUSLY! Life is tough. Life is a challenge. Life is a battlefield... . Life is an athletic event, and you must train for it."
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From EEE:

Nothing proves the hardcoreness of the Stones more than the fact that Keith Richards is still alive. If someone did manage to shoot him, he'd just pull the bullet out and smoke it. He's like the Chuck Norris of rock.
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	   The world is a beautiful place

					      to be born into

if you don't mind happiness

				 not always being so very much fun

       if you don't mind a touch of hell

 					    now and then

		just when everything is fine

				     because even in heaven 

			      they don't sing 

					      all the time

	   The world is a beautiful place

					        to be born into

       if you don't mind some people dying

						       all the time

		     or maybe only starving

					         some of the time

		which isn't half so bad

					      if it isn't you

Oh the world is a beautiful place 

					 to be born into

         if you don't much mind 

				   a few dead minds

	      in the higher places

				     or a bomb or two

		   now and then

				     in your upturned faces

   or such other improprieties 
		    as our Name Brand society

		         is prey to

				  with its men of distinction

	and its men of extinction

				       and its priests

		and other patrolmen

					and its various segregations
    and congressional investigations

					     and other constipations

	         that our fool flesh

					is heir to

    Yes the world is the best place of all

				         for a lot of such things as

	making the fun scene

				       and making the love scene

 and making the sad scene

	     and singing low songs and having inspirations

        and walking around

				looking at everything

					   and smelling flowers

        and goosing statues

			      and even thinking

					      and kissing people and

	     making babies and wearing pants

						 and waving hats and


		     and going swimming in rivers

			         on picnics

				         in the middle of the summer

		and just generally

					'living it up'


     but then right in the middle of it

					   comes the smiling


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Fucking hell. It is the little things that make you feel fucking old. Paul's Boutique is 20!

Hey look! Music Shopping lists! =)

I will also go on record as saying the Beatles as a whole are over rated. Some songs and albums are good/great but there is a lot of suck in there too. Then again in a world where either your a Beatles fan or a Rolling Stones fan I think we all know where I live.


Dec. 31st, 2008 09:27 am
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I am keeping my same thought in mind for 2009 that I had driving me for 2008 because it worked so well:

Act with Love

Little phrase, easy to say but hard to do. No lashing out, no hurting people, no letting negative feelings drive actions. Sadly this led to many many many times of sitting very still while people punched me in the face emotionally, but in the end it worked out and I get to sleep at night knowing I took the higher road.

The other thing I kept in mind from 2008 was

I will not fight reality. Or if you prefer: Don't try and piss up the rope.

Think of the serenity prayer, there is a lot of wisdom in those few lines. Don't try and change the things you can't, change what you can and try and be smart enough to work out which one is which. The most interesting thing about this is 9.5 times out of 10 the thing to change is myself.

I wish all my friends and there loved ones a happy and healthy new year filled with laughter and love. I also wish that for all the people who don't like me too. After more then a year of turmoil and upset I can honestly say that I only have animosity in my heart for one person right now and I am actively working on letting that go.


P.S.: See what my friend Lilly has to say along similar lines


Dec. 31st, 2008 09:20 am
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Here is my year in review post. Done in classic Jason style... meaning with no correlation to time and with few details =)

Went crazy
got on pills
mended fences
met lots of new friends
cut free some older ones
sadly did not dance
was stabbed in the back
was a good friend
was a bad friend
had a party or 10
wore a rut to ATL
got more kinked
Got almost 100% side tracked from physical fitness
Changed pills
Got better at being in my own skin
Stopped Aikido
Worked hard on "Act with Love"
Cut my house open
had extreme depression
found a bit of joy

I <3 gmail

Dec. 28th, 2008 11:22 am
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It is nice to be able to search for terms from a year ago and find out that I was correct in an argument about cadence of events in history and to not let revisionists tell a different tail.

Sorry kids, history happened the way it did, not how you want to think it did. I am through with letting people make me doubt what I know to be true.


Dec. 26th, 2008 10:23 pm
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This I Believe by Robert A. Heinlein

"I am not going to talk about religious beliefs but about matters
so obvious that it has gone out of style to mention them. I
believe in my neighbors. I know their faults, and I know that
their virtues far outweigh their faults. "Take Father Michael
down our road a piece. I'm not of his creed, but I know that
goodness and charity and lovingkindness shine in his daily
actions. I believe in Father Mike. If I'm in trouble, I'll go to

"My next-door neighbor is a veterinary doctor. Doc will get out
of bed after a hard day to help a stray cat. No fee--no prospect
of a fee--I believe in Doc.

"I believe in my townspeople. You can know on any door in our
town saying, 'I'm hungry,' and you will be fed. Our town is no
exception. I've found the same ready charity everywhere. But for
the one who says, 'To heck with you - I got mine,' there are a
hundred, a thousand who will say, "Sure, pal, sit down."

"I know that despite all warnings against hitchhikers I can step
up to the highway, thumb for a ride and in a few minutes a car or
a truck will stop and someone will say, 'Climb in Mac - how far
you going?'

"I believe in my fellow citizens. Our headlines are splashed with
crime yet for every criminal there are 10,000 honest, decent,
kindly men. If it were not so, no child would live to grow up.
Business could not go on from day to day. Decency is not news. It
is buried in the obituaries, but is a force stronger than crime.
I believe in the patient gallentry of nurses and the tedious
sacrifices of teachers. I believe in the unseen and unending
fight against desperate odds that goes on quietly in almost every
home in the land.

"I believe in the honest craft of workmen. Take a look around
you. There never were enough bosses to check up on all that work.
From Independence Hall to the Grand Coulee Dam, these things were
built level and square by craftsmen who were honest in their

"I believe that almost all politicians are honest. . .there are
hundreds of politicians, low paid or not paid at all, doing their
level best without thanks or glory to make our system work. If
this were not true we would never have gotten past the 13

"I believe in Rodger Young. You and I are free today because of
endless unnamed heroes from Valley Forge to the Yalu River. I
believe in -- I am proud to belong to -- the United States.
Despite shortcomings from lynchings to bad faith in high places,
our nation has had the most decent and kindly internal practices
and foreign policies to be found anywhere in history.

"And finally, I believe in my whole race. Yellow, white, black,
red, brown. In the honesty, courage, intelligence, durability,
and goodness of the overwhelming majority of my brothers and
sisters everywhere on this planet. I am proud to be a human
being. I believe that we have come this far by the skin of our
teeth. That we always make it just by the skin of our teeth, but
that we will always make it. Survive. Endure. I believe that this
hairless embryo with the aching, oversize brain case and the
opposable thumb, this animal barely up from the apes will endure.
Will endure longer than his home planet -- will spread out to the
stars and beyond, carrying with him his honesty and his
insatiable curiosity, his unlimited courage and his noble
essential decency.

"This I believe with all my heart."

Robert A. Heinlein wrote this item in 1952. His wife, Virginia Heinlein,
chose to read it when she accepted NASA's Distinguished Public Service
Medal on October 6, 1988, on the Grand Master's behalf (it was a posthumous

Mrs. Heinlein received a standing ovation.
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